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Call for artists

Plague and Locusts 2020


Now, when we are all locked down in our flats and houses, we have more time to make art. However distressing, we live in a unique environment. Whether working on the things we worked on before or suddenly switching to something new, share this with the World

3-minute shorts on your life during COVID-19, thoughts, inspirations, reflections, escapes. What do you do when the stakes are really high? Submit your work via by posting a link to your video on vimeo, youtube, etc. and sending an email with your CV and artist statement to

Will will find a venue to show this collection after the pandemic is over. Meanwhile it will be online. There is no deadline. Just keep it coming.

We wish everybody to stay healthy, and AT HOME!

Email us with questions at:

Life event is over, but our virtual show is on

Persian Heritage for the World

The Cambridge Shahnameh Centre for Persian Studies has celebrated its 5th Anniversary in 2019. As a part of Shahnameh Forever Series, the Centre has been hosting an art event: Shahnameh Forever 005: Persian Heritage for the World. The event featured the work of artists inspired by the famous ancient and mediaeval literary and visual Persian Classics. Now we have virtual show on Ephemereye [ more.. ]

Check it out!