Melbourne Now Artist – Peter Kennedy

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Peter Kennedy talks about his work in Melbourne Now.

Peter Kennedy, born 1945, Brisbane, Queensland. Lives and works Melbourne, Victoria. John Hughes, born 1948, Coburg, Victoria. Lives and works Melbourne, Victoria. Peter Kennedy began exhibiting in the mid 1960s. By the end of that decade, he had begun to forge new territory in Australia through his conceptually aligned art practice and light-based installations. He was one of the first Australian artists to work with light as installation, creating immersive environments through minimalist arrangements of coloured neon tubes. Since this time, his experimental, groundbreaking body of work has encompassed installation, performance, photography, sound, video and drawing. In the late 1970s his practice became more politically engaged and activist in nature, exploring and interrogating actual political events. Later works have encompassed notions of death and mortality from both historical and personal perspectives.