Memory and Landscape

As Ephemereye is dedicated to moving image, we rarely branch off into talking about shows that are not. The upcoming exhibition of Baltica! group’s Memory and Landscape at the Old Biscuit Factory opens on 23 January 2020 in London, and will stay on until the 28th. It will include a

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Moving Silently at Victoria Theatre in San Francisco November 10th, 2019

A brief story of the show. [SHOW TICKETS] A tribute to art and technology, early film, and contemporary video art, Moving Silently is a festival of ideas. How does technology assist in giving birth to new art forms? What is the connection between historical and contemporary moving images? Can video

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Persian Heritage for the World Show

Persian Heritage for the World is a title that implies movement, the underlying and intertwining motion of a culture spreading outwards. Almost as a metaphor for this, the medium selected for the art show celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Cambridge Shahnameh Centre for Persian Studies* is the moving image.

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